How it began

In December of 2014, dad underwent a quadruple bypass surgery due to the discovery of advanced cardiovascular disease. During his recovery, he began to research why this disease is so prevalent. He discovered that while heredity can make some of us susceptible, it’s our diets made up of high carbs, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, gluten, and trans-fats that advance the disease.

Six months after surgery, and after speaking with numerous cardiologists, dad tossed out his prescribed medications. He cleaned out all the cupboards and fridge replacing both with heart-healthy, non-GMO, organic foods and adopted a paleo lifestyle. 

His recovery from that moment on was miraculous. 

On the first anniversary of his surgery, our family set out to bake cakes using only paleo-approved ingredients and in December 2017, a local coffee shop - Urban Grind - asked if they could supply our cakes to the public. Heartfelt Bakehouse was born. We’ve been growing steadily ever since with a focus on delicious treats that please the palate and nourish the body.

Ownership and Contact Info

Ryan Davison

Ryan Davison

Ryan Davison


Ryan's background is in operations, workflow and process. But he discovered his passion for baking while taking over his parents kitchen every weekend for two years experimenting with cake recipes. He now finds himself at home in Heartfelt's Kitchen overseeing every aspect of the baking process. Ryan is married, loves riding his Kawasaki Ninja when it's not raining and lives in downtown Portland, Oregon.


Marc Davison

Ryan Davison

Ryan Davison


Marc's background in food dates back to 1984 when he opened his first of many restaurants. In 1987, he co-founded founded My Favorite Muffin, which has since grown into a national franchise. Marc is an accomplished musician and recording artist. He lives in the Pearl District of Portland with his wife and 4th son.